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Book Cover: Kill Shot

‘Beautifully written, with pitch-perfect dialogue delivered by well-drawn characters, Kill Shot is Garry Disher’s best Wyatt novel yet, and that is saying something‘ Australian Book Review


 Shortlisted, Ned Kelly Awards, Best Crime, 2019

Some people just work better alone. Wyatt’s one of them. He’s been getting by on nice quiet little burglaries—one-man jobs—when he gets wind of something bigger. A corporate crook, notorious Ponzi schemer, set to face court and certain jail time. He’s about to skip bail the old-fashioned way: on a luxury yacht with a million dollars in cash. Wyatt thinks it sounds like something he should get into. He’s not alone.


Book Cover: The Heat

‘Sparely written, with an entertaining set of villains, an unfathomable antihero and dry humour, reading this book is like riding a thrilling switchback.’ West Australian


 Shortlisted, Ned Kelly Award for Best Fiction, 2016


 Longlisted, General Fiction Book of the Year, Australian Book Industry Awards, 2016


 Longlisted International DUBLIN Literary Award, (Ireland) 2017


 Longlisted, CWA Daggers, Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award, 2017

Wyatt needs a job. A bank job would be nice. But these days armed robbery means working with cocky young idiots or meth-heads—and Wyatt’s not that desperate. Luckily, a broker in Queensland knows someone who wants a painting stolen. Which is how Wyatt finds himself in Noosa, casing a rich paedophile’s house. That’s fine. It’s what Wyatt does. The double-cross that’s supposed to end with him getting killed? Less fine. The heat is on. 


Book Cover: Wyatt

‘Australian noir writ large across Melbourne suburbia.’ GQ


 Winner, Ned Kelly Award for Crime Fiction, 2010

The job’s a classic jewel heist: quick, clean and simple. Except for one thing. Wyatt prefers to work alone, but this job belongs to Eddie Oberin and his very smart ex-wife Lydia. She has the inside information; Wyatt has the planning genius and meticulous preparation. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty. But when you cross Wyatt, you don’t walk away.


Book Cover: Wyatt Butterfly

‘Disher’s writing is as lean and relentless as his hero. No one does dryly poetic evocations of paranoia and human folly more seductively.’ Australian

Two classic Wyatt novels in one action-packed volume. Wyatt is cool, organised and enigmatic. But sometimes all the organisation in the world won’t stop you stealing the wrong thing. Like the Tiffany butterfly that wasn’t supposed to be in Cassandra Wintergreen’s floor safe. It’s the start of a breakneck chain of betrayal, pursuit and revenge that will take Wyatt a long long way from home—and place him squarely in the sights of maverick cop Liz Redding.


Book Cover: Wyatt 4 Crosskill (1994)

‘…tightly plotted, acutely observed…’ The Age

Wyatt is broke, angry and needs a break.  The Outfit took his money a year ago.  It’s time to get it back.  But there’s a price on his head and an Outfit lieutenant on his trail with a gun in her hand and revenge on her mind.

Book Cover: Wyatt 3 Deathdeal (1993) Cover

‘Wyatt’s as hard-boiled as a hubcap.’ Weekend Australian

Deathdeal, Ligature (Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1993)

On the run after a payroll heist went horribly wrong, wanted by police and a contract hitman, Wyatt learns of a suburban bank with $2 million in the vault.  It looks easy enough—if you don’t count a bank manager who owes favours to the wrong people, a gun-running pilot and punks and grifters with ambition…

There’s death in a deal like that.

Book Cover: Wyatt 2 Paydirt (1992) Cover

‘A first-class crime story.’ The Age

Wyatt is in the outback, intent on snatching a payroll.  But he’s not the only one eyeing the funds, and an organised crime outfit has sent in a hitman.  A tense, unnerving story of treachery and rough justice.

Book Cover: Wyatt 1 Kickback (1991) Cover

Tough, realistic, crime-from-the-inside…Sydney Morning Herald

Wyatt robs banks and payroll vans.  Most men like him are dead or in jail, but Wyatt stamps a cold, pitiless style on his heists and has never been caught.  Now his funds are low and his luck is running out—until the day Anna Reid explains about the kickback in her partner’s safe.

But other players are involved.  In Wyatt’s world, there is no yielding, no redemption, and when he’s crossed, the outcome is inevitable.