Book Cover:

‘What can we say, Garry Disher just goes from strength to strength and we think Sanctuary is one of his best yet.’

– Avenue Bookstore

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‘Disher is brilliant.’

The Times

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‘One of this country’s finest writers.’ 

– Tony Birch

Book Cover: Bitter Wash Road

‘Peter Temple and Garry Disher will be identified as the crime writers who redefined Australian crime fiction in terms of its form, content and style’

– Age/Sydney Morning Herald

Book Cover: The Dragon Man

‘Unquestionably Disher’s masterpiece, an astonishingly told caper that’s tough, tender, poignant and totally captivating.’

– Age

Book Cover: Wyatt

‘Disher’s Wyatt series is one of the joys of Australian crime fiction. If you’re a fan of hard-boiled crime, they’re some of the best around.’

– Weekend NZ Herald

Info Graphic: 1. Three Time Winner Ned Kelly Award. 2. Three Time Winner of the German Crime Prize. 3. Ned Kelly Lifetime Achievement Award